Soffit & Fascia

Soffit and Fascia ChicagoFrank Lloyd Wright would be proud of our overhangs.

The famous architect often designed large overhangs on homes to shield them from the hot summer sun.  The "Frank Lloyd Wright look" made soffit & fascia a focal point of the modern home.

Even if your home doesn't have large overhangs, our maintenance-free soffit & fascia will enhance its look.  Soffit & fascia is available in aluminum, vinyl, and cement board, and the materials come in an array of colors to complement your home's décor.  Brighton always completes the project right the first time, and you shouldn't have to replace your overhangs again.  Click here to view our Soffit & Fascia Photo Gallery.                            

Soffit and Fascia ChicagoMaterials 

◊  Aluminum
◊  Vinyl
◊  Cement Board

Our Preferred Industry Partners

◊  Alcoa
◊  James Hardy