Replacement Windows

Windows ChicagoEvery home has unique window needs.

With a wide variety of replacement windows available, we consult with you to determine your window needs and will recommend the best window for your home.

Replacement Window Types

◊  Wood
◊  Vinyl
◊  Fiberglass
◊  Aluminum
◊  Wood-Clad

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Replacement Windows ChicagoReplacement Window Styles

◊  Bay
◊  Bow
◊  Garden
◊  Casement
◊  Awning
◊  Double-hung
◊  Single-hung
◊  Sliding
◊  Picture

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Window Installation

How a window is installed is more important than the window itself. 

"You can buy the most expensive, energy efficient, beautiful, built-like-a-tank window on the market, but if it's not installed correctly, the benefits of the window vanish and the investment you made becomes a colossal waste of time and money."                                                                                     - Steve, 2nd generation family member

(Coming Soon: We're putting pen to paper to educate customers on the essential elements of any window installation.)

The Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows in Your Home

Every window Brighton offers is ENERGY STAR qualified, which means that they meet required U-Factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) levels of ENERGY STAR.  Installing energy efficient products is a good idea for your home and your family for a lot of reasons:

  • Your energy bill.  Installing energy efficient products in your home decreases your energy bill by 7-15% annually.  Take a look at the ENERGY STAR website to learn more.
  • Comfort.  When hot or cold air leaks through a window, you can feel it.  You end up avoiding certain spots in your home (like your favorite window-side reading chair) because of the drastic temperate difference from the rest of your home.  Energy efficient windows keep the temperature inside your home consistent, and allow you to enjoy your whole home, comfortably.
  • Protection.  The sun can have a fading effect on many aspect of your home:  window treatments, wood flooring, and fabric furniture, to name a few.  The coating on energy efficient windows acts as “sunscreen” and prevents fading from UV light by up to 75%.  See the ENERGY STAR website to get more information.
  • Improved Daylight and View.  With standard, non-energy efficient windows, most homeowners block the sun by using shades or window treatments.  This decreases heat gain and general fading of wood floors, furniture, and more.  Unfortunately, this also blocks daylight and your view, which are two wonderful benefits of windows!  With energy efficient windows, heat gains and fading are drastically decreased, while natural light and your view is restored.
  • Your home’s carbon footprint.  Approximately 27% of your carbon footprint is a result of your home energy use, according to the ENERGY STAR website.  Replacing your home’s window makes you feel good, but it does a some good for the environment, too – every little bit counts.